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Call for information about availability of the features below.
Interior Telephone 1-800-478-3127
Mukluk Telephone 1-800-478-7055
Federal Lifeline and Linkup Programs from Interior and Mukluk Telephone
If you participate in one of the following programs, you may be eligible to receive basic local telephone service at no cost to you. Lifeline is a government assistance program and documentation from one of these services is required for enrollment.

    Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

    SNAP (Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program) formerly known as Food Stamps


    Federal Public Housing Assistance

    Tribally Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (those who meet qualifying income standard)

    Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations

    Head Start Programs (only those who meeting qualifying income standard)

    Veterans Pension or Survivors Benefit program

    Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance

    Annual Income is at or below 135% of Federal Poverty Guidelines.

The Federal Lifeline Program is a reduction in charges for residential telephone service that could reduce your monthly charge for landline service to $0. This discount does not apply to additional features such as custom calling features, CLASS features, or restriction services, taxes or surcharges.
The Expanded Linkup Program is a reduction in the initial connection charges to qualifying low-income customers. The program includes a 100% discount off the initial connection charges up to $100. The maximum discount amount is $100. This does not include charges for services or equipment that fall on the customer's side of the grey protector box including customer premise equipment and inside wiring.
Lifeline is available for only one line per household and households are not permitted to receive benefits from multiple providers. Violation of the one-per-household requirement could result in de-enrollment from the program and potential prosecution by the U.S. government.
A Lifeline discount for cellular and broadband internet may be available in some locations. Lifeline may only be applied to one service.

For complete details on the Lifeline program, including an application, please click here.


Call Waiting: Tired of missing your calls because someone else is on your line? Does "teenager" come to mind? If you answered yes to either of these questions, Call Waiting is for you. One of our most popular calling features, Call Waiting means you can answer an incoming call without hanging up on the person you're speaking to.

Cancel Call Waiting: Free of charge, Cancel Call Waiting lets you speak uninterrupted on personal and conference calls. Call Forwarding: Are you tired of waiting around for a call when you have other things to do and places to go? Call Forwarding is for you; it's simple and easy to use. Call Forwarding allows you to forward your calls to any other local phone. (You can still make outgoing calls from your phone while this feature is activated.)

Three-way Calling: Interested in saving time and money? Set up meetings while participants are in three separate locations and reduce the chance of miscommunication. You can establish connections locally or long distance without operator assistance.

WakeUp Call: The WakeUp Call feature allows you to meet your obligations on time. This feature can be used to assist in waking you up or reminding you that you need to be somewhere. You are in control of setting the time you want to be called.

Speed Dial: This feature will save you time and it's easy to use. Call a telephone number by using a 1 or 2 digit code; easy for children to use in an emergency.

Rings 4 More (or Simultaneous Ring): Available in Seward, Unalaska, King Cove, Cold Bay, Sand Point and Iliamna. Enables a subscriber to designate a ringing group that consists of a primary number and up to four secondary numbers. All the group numbers will ring simultaneously whenever there is a call to the primary number. Whichever phone answers the call will be connected, the other numbers are released. The subscriber has day-to-day control of this feature with the ability to activate and deactivate the feature, add, change, and delete secondary telephone numbers in the ring group as needed.


You can choose to restrict usage of your phones by purchasing individual features or save money on package rates.

Directory Assistance DA Deny: Prevents access to local directory assistance. Useful for businesses or residents who do not want DA available to employees, family members or customers.

Originating Toll Deny: No toll calls can be made from the customers line. 800 numbers are not restricted. Calling cards that use 800 numbers are allowed, others are not. This is a way for a customer to maintain his/her budget. It also allows a business to provide local calling for customers.

Restricted Sent Paid: All toll calls other than 800 will be routed for authorization and billing identification. The caller will need a calling card to make a long distance call. Collect, third party and calling cards can still be used from the callers telephone for local calls. Customer has control over how much he/she spends on long distance.

900 Toll Deny: Restricts 900 toll services from your line. Eliminates unwanted 900 toll charges that could have been caused by others using your line.


For a low monthly fee you can order a single feature or you can select one of our economical packages.

Caller ID: Would you like to know who is calling before you pick up the phone? Caller ID identifies the caller, allowing you time to prepare for the call or the option to not take the call. Service coverage varies by area.

Call Blocking: Call Blocking prevents the delivery of your number on the calling party's Caller ID display box. Call Blocking per call allows you to block your number on a per call basis at no charge. Call Blocking per line is a permanent block of your number from being displayed. There is no charge for per line blocking if it is done at the initial time of service. Subsequent changes will be assessed a nonrecurring charge.

Automatic Redial/Ring Again: Are you tired of getting busy signals? Automatic Redial will keep calling the number you're trying to reach until the line is free. A special ring will notify you that the line is free. You can continue to use your phone while this feature is activated.

Anonymous Call Rejection: This feature allows you to reject calls from parties who are using a privacy feature to block the display of their number to you.

Automatic Call Return: This feature allows you to press a code and redial the last number that called you. If the number you are dialing is busy, a distinct ring will notify you when the line is free.

Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting: Choose this new feature when you want to know if your kids, spouse or the boss is calling. With this feature all the people you need to talk to will be identified by the distinctive ring or tone and you will know to answer their call.

Selective/Special Call Acceptance: Now you can determine ahead of time whom you wish to receive calls from. First you create a list of callers who will be able to ring your line; any caller not on this list will be routed to an announcement that will notify them that you are not accepting their call.

Selective/Special Call Forwarding: Selective Call Forwarding allows callers who are on a list that you have created to be forwarded to another number. All other calls will ring on your line as usual.

Selective Call Rejection: Do you have a select amount of callers you do not want to receive calls from anymore? Block these annoying calls with Selective Call Rejection.

Smart Ring (Teen Service): Gives you two phone numbers for your single phone line and each number has its own special ring. You can assign one number to yourself and the other to your children, spouse, etc. The special ring will tell you who the call is for before you answer.

VIP Alert: Automatically gives you a special ring (short-long-short) when any of the phone numbers you have entered on your VIP Alert screening list call you. You can enter up to 12 different numbers on your VIP Alert screening list.

Voice Mail: No more missed messages! Whether you have a permanent telephone number or are currently without a telephone, you can make sure you never miss a message again.

TelAlaska's Voice Mail Service is the answering machine in your phone and it works for you 24 hours a day! While you're away from home or business, you may retrieve your messages remotely using a touch tone phone.

Fishing? Building? Doing seasonal work? "No Phone" Voice Mail Service will make sure you get your messages even when you don't have a permanent address or phone. This stand-alone voicebox allows you to receive messages even if you don't have a phone line. Available only in Unalaska, Galena and King Cove.

Voice Mail service is currently available in King Cove, Unalaska/Dutch Harbor, Nome, Galena, Seward and Moose Pass.

Inside Wire Maintenance: For only $2/month, the Inside Wire Maintenance program guarantees service at no charge from the telephone company for problems with wires and jacks on the customer side of the Interface Box. Maintenance outside the Customer Interface Box is already the telephone company's responsibility for all customers. This plan does not cover telephones or malicious damage-- common example is damage done by children or pets.

This program offers peace of mind. No worries about large service charges should something go wrong with their wiring or jacks. This is good for those not handy with maintenance problems. Call customer service to sign up for service.


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