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Important Notice to Internet Customers in Unalaska/Dutch Harbor Regarding Online Applications for the Permanent Fund Dividend - Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Important Notice to Internet Customers in Unalaska/Dutch Harbor

It has recently come to our attention that TelAlaska customers in Unalaska/Dutch Harbor have been receiving letters from the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) Division questioning their location while filing online for the PFD. TelAlaska has been in contact with PFD officials who have explained that they encountered an issue with an IP address report they use to minimize fraud against the PFD program. The report is supposed to filter out carriers located in Alaska but unfortunately an error caused TelAlaska to be listed differently and application records for some residents in Unalaska and Dutch Harbor were included in the 2015 IP address audit. The audit issue has since been resolved but PFD officials stress that recipients of the IP audit letter should still complete the form and return it to PFD offices by the deadline listed. They also suggest monitoring your status online and if you're still listed as "undetermined", contact the PFD office at 907-269-0370. A PFD representative will review your application to determine what information may still be required in order to complete the review of your application.

TelAlaska appreciates those customers who brought this matter to our attention so we could work on a resolution with the PFD office. If you should need any further information or assistance, please call our offices at 1-800-478-3127. Both TelAlaska and the PFD Division regret any inconvenience this audit may have caused.


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