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Galena Flood Impact on TelAlaska Services - Thursday, June 6, 2013
TelAlaska s Galena central office (CO) that houses core switches and inside plant equipment remained up and operating through the disastrous spring flood that reportedly caused three-fourths of the community to evacuate in response to flood warnings. The flood has been characterized as one of the worst in Galena's history.

The TelAlaska central office was built on high ground and behind a dike, according to Dave Goggins, Vice President Operations. Central Office functions were disrupted only momentarily when Galena city officials shut off power to the community; TelAlaska's backup generators took over. Service is available to the former Air Force barracks and the school, where many of those who remained in Galena are staying. TelAlaska provided 20 cellular phones to the City of Galena to aid in its recovery efforts.

Goggins said the company will be assessing damage as inspection conditions allow. It has a full time technician stationed in Galena, and Customer Service representatives are responding to those without service due to service interruptions in specific areas.

Cell service remained up on a limited basis, with one of two cell towers down, according to Brenda Shepard, CEO. She said that the company's focus on providing service to remote rural areas and its experience in preparing for such threatening natural events were primary factors in the company's core facility staying up when flood waters rose.

"You can't avoid all impacts of Mother Nature, but our operations team did all possible to prevent damage and service interruption. Their efforts paid off and will be a major factor in restoring service to all as soon as possible.
Updated July 2013
An Important Message Regarding Your TelAlaska Services

Dear Galena customer,

In light of the disastrous flooding in Galena, TelAlaska would like to make you aware of your options regarding your telecommunications services.

If you're currently away from Galena or unable to use your phone, internet, cable TV or cellular service(s), TelAlaska can disconnect your service and reinstate it at a later date without any additional cost to you, including reconnect fees. If you would like to disconnect service, we will hold your phone numbers for up to one year. If your DSL modem was damaged, please contact us for a replacement when you request your service be reconnected.

Please know that TelAlaska is here to support your needs during Galena's recovery efforts. If we can be of assistance, please call Customer Service at 1-800-478-3127.


Brenda Shepard
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)




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