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Fall 2017 Solar Outages - Friday, October 6, 2017

October 2017 Solar Outages

Notice to customers regarding solar outages that may impact your internet service:

A solar outage occurs when the sun gets in direct line with the satellite and the dish on the ground, causing an override of the signal. Below is a schedule of expected solar outages in October. TelAlaska has two satellite networks running different frequencies so the dates and lengths of the outages differ by community.

Unalaska, Nome, King Cove, Cold Bay, Sand Point, Iliamna, Galena, Fort Yukon, Teller, Brevig Mission, Wales, Little Diomede and Shishmaref

- The solar outages begin October 6 and continue through October 16.
- The outages are expected to occur twice for each location, ranging from 1 to 16 minutes depending on the day and geographical location of the site.
- They will begin at approximately 10:40am and end at approximately 11:15am.

Port Lions, Elim, Golovin, Koyuk, St. Michael, Shaktoolik, Stebbins, White Mountain

- The solar outages will begin on October 6 and continue through October 15.
- The outages will occur between 11:10am and 11:35am and will last from 1 to 14 minutes.


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