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Eyecom Channel 20 in Unalaska - Thursday, March 31, 2016

Notice to Eyecom customers in Unalaska:

FYI™ Network will air on channel 20 in Unalaska beginning March 31 at 8pm Alaska time. FYI is part of A&E Networks and features original lifestyle programming, including shows on food and home improvement. FYI replaces The Cooking Channel, which is no longer available on the satellite serving Unalaska. We apologize for the late notice of this announcement; we were only recently notified of the change and we've worked as quickly as possible to secure a replacement channel.

Eyecom is constantly reviewing programming opportunities in an attempt to provide you with the best programming that is available. We very much regret losing The Cooking Channel for reasons beyond our control and hope you'll enjoy this new programming from FYI.


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