Legal Information

Billing Name and Address Notification

The FCC has ruled that under certain circumstances the Billing Name and Address (BNA) of all telephone
customers (including unlisted and non-published customers) can be released to telecommunications
service providers for use other than marketing purposes. The main reason for releasing BNA information
is to ensure proper billing for certain types of calls.

For instance, calls such as collect, third number, or calling card calls may be carried by an interexchange
carrier who is not your pre-subscribed interexchange carrier or who does not have a billing contract with
our company. Under these circumstances, the carrier does not know who to bill the call to, and therefore,
must request the BNA from our company in order to bill the call. We must provide the information to the
requesting carrier.

BNA can also be released for several other reasons, including verification for pre-subscription and new
address purposes, fraud prevention, and similar non-marketing purposes.

Since you have an unlisted or non-published telephone number, you have a choice. If you do not want
your BNA released by our company, we need affirmative notification from you. You should know that if
you provide us with such notification, your ability to make a third number or calling card calls or to receive
collect calls could be denied. Should you have questions regarding this matter or would like to block your
BNA information from being released, please call our customer service center at 1-888-262-2661
(Statewide). To have your BNA information blocked, you can also fill out the form on the back of this
document and return it with your next payment