SULPHUR, Louisiana (August 15, 2022) — American Broadband Holding Company, a premier broadband and internet service provider, announced today its new trade name “Fastwyre Broadband” and new logo to better convey its mission of delivering affordable, reliable, high-speed internet services to cities and towns across America.

Fastwyre Broadband brings together, under one mantle, brands formerly known as American Broadband, TelAlaska and Cameron Communications. Synergies achieved through harmonizing these operating brands into Fastwyre Broadband will result in building out fiber to homes and businesses so customers can enjoy the ever-expanding broadband applications available today and tomorrow.

“We are excited about our new trade name – Fastwyre – because it reflects our commitment to providing communities across the country with the fastest, most reliable and affordable communications network for work, play and life,” said Chris Eldredge, CEO of Fastwyre Broadband. “We believe all Americans should have access to reliable internet service. Our new identity reflects our pursuit of that mission, unifying our markets under a single national brand that will help keep communities connected.”

Fastwyre Broadband is poised to respond to the increasing need for access and upgrades across the United States. The new brand identity reinforces the company’s organizational values, including the company’s commitment to community, straightforward pricing and best-in-class customer service.

Fastwyre’s residential and business customers can expect to benefit from the same high-quality, high-speed broadband service and the fastest technology that they have long utilized. Fastwyre Broadband remains at the industry forefront in innovation, continuously investing in a rapidly growing, state-of-the-art fiber network.

About Fastwyre Broadband

Fastwyre Broadband is a premier broadband and internet service provider delivering affordable, reliable, high-speed internet services to cities and towns across America. The company provides broadband services, phone access lines and video to customers in a wide array of locations including Alaska, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, and Texas. Fastwyre partners in the growth and economic vitality of its communities by providing broadband and other advanced services and supporting new business activity and job growth.

Fastwyre Broadband is a portfolio company of Madison Dearborn Partners, a leading private equity firm based in Chicago, and Catania Capital Partners. More information about Fastwyre Broadband can be found at