Blair, Neb. March 12, 2024 — Fastwyre Broadband, a premier provider of affordable, reliable, and high-speed internet service delivered through a state-of-the-art, fiber-optic network in communities across America, is bringing to Eastern Nebraska some of the fastest internet speeds experienced in the region. Areas historically underserviced for internet connectivity will enjoy increased speed and service.

Fastwyre is investing over $65 million in upgrades to its network and service reliability, delivering unparalleled connectivity in the region for years to come. Fastwyre has a deep-rooted history in Eastern Nebraska, as it previously operated as Huntel and was founded in 1910. The company has evolved into Fastwyre Broadband, and it is committed to revolutionizing internet accessibility. Eastern Nebraska areas, including Bellevue, Blair and Wayne, will enjoy faster internet speeds from 2 gigabits per second with future plans of up to 10 gigabits per second.  In addition, significant capacity upgrades to other Nebraska areas and communities will see significant upgrades in service capability through Fastwyre’s participation in grant-related projects.

“Delivering speeds up to 2 gigabits per second at affordable rates is already a differentiator in our Bellevue service area, and we look forward to bringing this top-tier connectivity to other Eastern Nebraska communities while being committed to first-class customer service,” said Chris Eldredge, CEO of Fastwyre Broadband. “Building on our company’s deep roots, our connection to Eastern Nebraska drives our over $65 million investment to serve residents better and contribute to the growth of businesses. Reliable, affordable, high-speed internet empowers successful lives, and we are dedicated to enhancing our fiber-optic network now and into the future.”

Fastwyre’s state-of-the-art network features a fiber-to-the-premises infrastructure where initial upgrades to the network are expected to be completed by early summer. “Our network enables residents and businesses to experience equally fast uploads and downloads when sharing multimedia files or streaming video,” says Danny Pate, Fastwyre’s Chief Operating Officer. “Our customers rely on the internet every day for work and play, and our network speeds will create an exceptional experience for customers with virtual learning, agricultural technology, telehealth, e-commerce and entertainment at very affordable rates, from $44.99 per month with speeds up to 2 gigabits per second.”

Community is at the heart of Fastwyre’s mission, and many Fastwyre employees are long-time residents living and working in Eastern Nebraska. “We want to be an integral part of the community through not only delivering high-quality communication services but also by supporting our neighbors with involvement in activities and sponsorships,” added Eldredge. “Our commitment is to make a positive impact on those we serve to help ensure our communities continue to thrive.”

Fastwyre customers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Symmetrical speeds provide equally fast uploads and downloads of rich content for a reliable, high-speed, high-quality connection that allows streaming on multiple devices.
  • No data caps, overages, or installation fees.
  • The option to bundle high-speed internet with TV and home phone services for additional cost savings and value.
  • Business services that include hosted VoIP phone, video and data circuit offerings with low-latency to ensure high-speed performance.

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For more information about Fastwyre Broadband services, residents and business owners may call its customer service line at 833-463-FAST or visit the website at

Fastwyre remains at the industry forefront in innovation, continuously investing in a rapidly growing, state-of-the-art fiber network as it embarks on an accelerated growth trajectory. In addition to its current multi-million-dollar investment in Eastern Nebraska, Fastwyre has committed close to $200 million in upgrades to its network across Missouri, Central Alabama, and Southwest/South Central Louisiana to deliver even faster internet speeds and other communication services at affordable rates. 

About Fastwyre Broadband

American Broadband Holding Company dba Fastwyre Broadband is a premier provider of broadband services, delivering affordable, reliable, high-speed internet services to communities across America. The Company provides internet, phone, and video to customers in Nebraska, Alabama, Alaska, Missouri, Louisiana, and Texas. Fastwyre partners in the growth and economic vitality of its communities by providing broadband and other advanced services to support new business activity and job growth.

Fastwyre Broadband is a portfolio company of Madison Dearborn Partners, LLC, a leading private equity firm based in Chicago, and Catania ABC Partners.

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