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What if I get a new mobile number?

Customers must be opted-in to the GOCare system again if they get a new mobile phone number – not if they get a new phone with the same number.  Please ensure you update your Fastwyre account with your new mobile contact number (and [...]

Do I have to use GOCare?

Fastwyre’s customers do agree to accept text messages per the Company’s Terms and Conditions; however, customers may opt-out at any time by texting STOP to 833-463-3278.

How much will GOCare cost me?

Fastwyre does not charge for GOCare. Customers’ mobile service providers may charge the mobile user to send/receive text messages depending on the terms of their mobile account.

Will you sell my information to others?

NO!  Fastwyre protects its customers and their account information and will never sell or share it for any reason.  You will only get text messages from Fastwyre through the GOCare service.

Will I constantly be getting messages from Fastwyre?

NO! Fastwyre will send customers 3 - 5 messages per month. Examples may include the balance amount, your payment is due (and/or past due), and appointment confirmations if applicable.  Customers may initiate these inquiries by using the KEYWORDS shown below. [...]

Why should I use GOCare Alerts?

GOCare is faster and easier than calling the call center or logging on to the website.  You have immediate access to important account information (like that referenced above) faster and more conveniently. A record of your account status is stored in your SMS [...]

What is GOCare?

GOCare is a mobile account alert platform that proactively delivers account information (statements, balance, due date, payment confirmation, appointment reminders, and more).  Information can be initiated by either Fastwyre or the Customer with the use of “KEYWORDS”. More information can be found on our [...]

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