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TelAlaska Monthly Automatic Bankcard Deduction Application

TelAlaska is pleased to be able to provide it’s customers the convenience of automatic bankcard deduction for their monthly billing. To have your monthly payment charged to your Visa or Mastercard each month, please read the following agreement carefully; enter the information requested; sign the agreement and return it to us with your next payment. Once enrolled, your next statement will indicate that you do not need to send payment. If this message does not appear on your bill please contact 611 to inquire into the status of your application.


As an enrollee in this program, I understand that:

1. I will receive a bill monthly, even though I am enrolled in the autopay program. This bill will advise me of the amount to be charged to my credit card between the 15th and 25th of the billing month.
2. If charges to my credit card are declined for any reason, TelAlaska will make an attempt to contact me for an alternate payment arrangement. If I cannot be contacted, or fail to make alternate payment arrangements, my account will be subject to normal credit procedures for non-payment. If charges to this credit card are declined twice within a twelve-month period TelAlaska has the right to terminate this autopay agreement.
3. I am responsible for notifying TelAlaska if I wish to cancel this agreement.
4. If my credit card number changes for any reason, including lost or stolen credit cards, I will notify TelAlaska of the new account information. If I fail to provide this information prior to the 15th of the billing month and TelAlaska is unable to process my payment, I will be responsible for an alternate payment arrangement and any late charges which may result.
5. TelAlaska may cancel or update this agreement, at any time, upon 30 days written notice.
Click here for the autopay application.